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Naomi G. Reviews “Sumthin I Neva Had” by Ran Blacc

“Sumthin I Neva Had”

by Ran Blacc

Written by Naomi G.

What’s summer without that perfect summer song that you can bump in your car with all the windows rolled down? You know fellas, that one that you can play while you slowly drive up to talk to that pretty female you were eyeing from down the street. While the ladies can flaunt themselves becoming that Sumthin they neva had...

“Sumthin I Neva Had”, the 6th single release from the long awaited project "Emotions of Man” by Ran Blacc of Crown Music, gives you just that... The PERFECT SUMMER SONG...

Ran Blacc starts off soft and slow while lighting a little something as he describes, in detail, the female he's never had but has been wanting. Not able to get her off of his mind, he lyrically describes how things would be if the two of them were to get together.

From empowering one another, to him reassuring her that he has her well protected, all done with "Method Man & Mary J" vibes, showing off those Hip Hop & B skills that Ran Blacc is known for. He then ends the song with a friendly competition, and finally coming to the realization that he may actually love her, in a manner that most guys do.

The lyrics went well with the production from Insider Productionz. The beat catches you from the beginning with its chill summer vibe. The mixture of the Harmony and Melody makes you want to grab a sweet and light one up while taking this little journey with Ran Blacc, cruising through the summer and thinking of that Sumthin you neva had...

Ran Blacc

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