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Its Simply Feel Good Music, Ran Blacc Releases His Long Awaited "Stop Playing Games" Mixta

There comes a time in an artist's career when they have to figure out their artistic lane. After sitting down with Ran Blacc this weekend I for one can say Ran Blacc has most definitely found his lane and continues to coast right through it!

Q: So Ran Blacc I have to ask where did the inspiration come from for this single?

RB: I don't know really. We were working on the Crown Republik Da' Mixtape Vol. 3 project and we needed one song to finish the project so I contacted a few producers on youtube and found one with a fly beat and started writing. I didn't have a angle of a direction. I started working on the hook and as it fell together I started to feel a certain kind of way about it.

Q: When was it that you started to feel a certain way? Like what part of the hook and what was it that you were feeling exactly?

RB: I think it was once I started the hook with "Lets stop playing games, Do the most with the life we're living. Days fly by no time to waste the talent that the good lords given." I think after I wrote those first bars I knew that this song had to be something totally different! Something that made a statement, then my feelings started flooding the paper. Before I knew it the hook and first verse were done and I knew I had to have my brother XI da' MC feature. It was a no brainer! I would of loved to have a 3rd verse but time didn't allow!

Q: So lets discuss that first verse. Theres a part when you say "they poison us daily but still these sucka n***as follow" what did you mean by that? I know you don't curse or use that word much in your music at all so might I ask what was different about this song?

RB: Hmmm well to be honest I didn't want to censer this song at all. I wanted everything that was said in this song to be passionate, thus the listener could really feel the energy that we felt when we were writing the song. As far as the part of my verse that you asked about... its really simple to be honest but it could be viewed as complicated. There's a difference between when WE are acting like N***as and when WE are acting like Kings and Queens! N***as are ignorant, petty and followers so basically what I was saying is that the government is poisoning us daily, dirtying up our drinking water, selling us food and products that cause disease or death and yet N***AS still do as we're shown on TV and the internet. Its crazy, Blind sheep.

Q: Hmmm thats deep! Might I ask what you wanted the message to be when you storyboarded this music video? Was there an angle you were hoping for?

RB: Mannn, I just wanted the listener & viewer to understand the struggle. The every day struggle I mean. Life is not easy at all. Many of us have made the wrong decisions in life and had a chance to bounce back, many of us have faced trials and tribulations, all of us have had setbacks. I wanted to showcase that in the video. During my verse you might not have noticed but Im speaking to myself. Im having a conversation with myself. I wanted that to be subtle, if u caught it your paying attention, if not your just watching the video. Being in San Diego for business we go out and feed the homeless, visit the sick in the hospital, work with community programs and all. Its no different then what we do in Las Vegas. We just wanted to capture the the realness of it all. Subliminally touch a part of your mind that many of us try to guard or shelter. I also wanted to showcase the tension between the police and the people now days. Not that there hasn't always been tension, but today people are dying at the hands of the police daily. I just wanted to show that it doesn't matter which state your in, what tragedy has happened, or who's rights were denied or broken we are all feeling the ripples of the actions of others.

Q: What are you most proudest of when it comes to Crown Music?

RB: Our ability to stand on our own two feet. Of course we have business partners, but since 2010 Crown Republik Ent has created a foothold in hip hop. WE have been through, learned and grown so much. Im proud of how far we have come and yet how far we have yet to go. Just know there isn't a fall off coming, people been expecting us to fall off for years and yet here we are still making great quality music. Im proud of the lane we have created in hip hop as a whole. San Diego, Las Vegas, Richmond, Denver or Los Angeles we have created something to be proud of. Im proud of that.

Q: Well let me say after watching the video this weekend I can say that you have captured life and more. You have done a great job as CEO of building a positive brand. Im not part of CRE but I to am proud of all your accomplishments. Before we go do you have anything else that you'd like to discuss about the release of this masterpiece?

RB: I don't know, I just want people to truly stop what they're doing and pay attention to the message. I wish everyone the most positive of adventures and hopefully this new music video will add to some of everyones experiences in life!! I believe XI da' MC and I have crafted a classic and Gary Ruff and Truly Righteous Productions captured it perfectly! Im excited to see what kind of reaction we get on this one. But believe me WE have soooo much more in store!! 2020 is going to be a great year for Crown Republik ent / Crown Music.

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