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Alter Ego's "Me, Myself & I" Set To Release In Less Then 90 Days

The second mixtape of three in the "Alter Egos" mixtape series is set to release in July. With so much buzz about the Alter Egos "Where's Ya Bite?!" project this second project is set to be a very interesting listen. Without revealing some of the features on this new project, lets just say Ran Blacc spent a lot of time focused on creating songs for this project based around his features. Although the title of this mixtape would lead you to believe that the project would be primarily focused on Ran Blacc, but again this is one of many projects to come where Ran Blacc displays his three alter egos. When asked about the new projects Ran Blacc could only say that he is enjoying his process of growth throughout his music, business ventures and understanding of the music and entertainment industry. He goes on to say that he has had alot of good and bad days through out his growth and hopes that the fans will be able to hear these changes within these projects. With each new project he says he learns more and more about himself not just the music and only hopes that he continue to improve on telling his stories through music and art. There's less then ninety days until this new project releases but less then six months after that Ran Blacc looks to release his third project in the series. And as we tried to get more insight on that release and more information on the "Me, Myself & I" project we ended up learning a little more about other projects Ran Blacc is working on simultaneously. Such as: "U.N.L.V" "Da Feline Theory" and "Country Born, Vegas Raised, Cali Baked" all part of the Alter Egos mixtape series. With so much to do and so little time to do it in, we look forward to the new arrivals as Ran Blacc continues to create quality music.

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